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’re a young entrepreneur, have you prepared your vision, mission, and value statements yet? 

If not, then you skip the most important part of launching your firm. 

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An organization’s mission, values, and vision set the overall direction of the company. Like any other typical company, Entrepreneurship also needs a specific vision and mission. You may have a conception that vision and mission just need for large established companies. But the fact is without an overall direction an entrepreneur will get lost quickly. Especially in this constantly changing environment, it’s a must-have requirement. In this article, you will learn how to write entrepreneurship vision and mission statement and why entrepreneurship is important to economic development. 

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Why mission and vision statement are so important for entrepreneurs?

To entrepreneurs, their business venture is like their baby.Developing mission and mission statements is a core thing of helping your ‘baby’ grows as a unique individual that can distinguish you from the crowd. more tips here

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First let me clear what is the main difference of mission, vision and value.